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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

My love of #Staub goes beyond my love of everything #French. A good Dutch oven can help any cook bring #stews and #braises to life. Not everyone knows that if you are going to do a low, slow cook (for which is this kind of #cookware is ideal), you cannot use any acidic ingredients in straight cast iron. So no tomatoes, citrus, vinegar, wine, etc. That just won't do.

Along comes enameled cast iron. Now there are some major competitive brands to Staub out there, but I like this brand best. The claim is the black interior aids in a better sear. I've not had issues in other brands with the sear, but I do know that Staub won't stain, it won't craze (you know those little cracks? That's crazing), and it just seems to keep a more consistent temperature on the stove top (less turning the knobs up and down) than its competitors. (And the sear really is quite good). There are also #braisingdimples to help self-baste the food inside.

But let's be honest - not only do I like the way they cook more, but I just like the way they look! I like the deep, rich colors that I find to be more chip resistant than other enamels. And who can resist a pig shaped #cocotte? Not this fan girl, I assure you!

Why yes, that is bacon mac and cheese in a pig pot. Seemed appropriate...

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