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Rochelle Van Der Merwe is a professional chef that has over 10 years of teaching experience, for home cooks, professional chefs, and high school students.  She has worked in a variety of professional kitchens, ranging from fine dining restaurants to catering, to healthcare.  

Chef "Ro" has a variety of tips and tricks that home cooks can use in their kitchens to ensure the best possible outcomes.  She has experience teaching many ethnic cuisines as well as baking and pastry.  She likes to teach the technique rather than the recipe so that home cooks can feel more confident in creating meals that are entirely their own.

When Chef Ro isn't teaching, she can be found exploring new techniques and concepts at restaurants around the globe.  When she was once asked if she liked cooking or eating more, she found it to be a cruel question that simply could not be answered.

Chef Ro utilizes humor and science to help all her students, from beginners to professionals, maximize their learning experience.  Remember: stirring is not cooking!!!

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