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Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
diamond crystal.jpg

This is the only salt I use for cooking (finishing salts are a whole different story). It is the finest grind of any kosher salt out there, so it dissolves quickly and your food doesn't get over salted. It also has no anti-caking agents, so there is no aftertaste. It comes in a big box, yes. Luckily salt never goes bad!


Even if you don't think you like mustard, you will become an addict of this stuff. I traveled all the way to Dijon and one of the main reasons was to go to their flagship store. There is also a Facebook group dedicated solely to the lovers of this product. It has an almost cult-like following. Their multipack is the best way to experience their most popular types.

Red Star.jpg

This is another ingredient that has a cult-like following and its own Facebook group. I find that I always get a better rise in my breads with Red Star than any other yeast brand. They even have some types with dough conditioners or sourdough starter built in, but my go-to is always (and will always be) their active dry.

vanilla paste.jpg

Yes it's a bit pricey. Yes it's worth every penny. You use this in a 1:1 ratio to swap out for vanilla extract in any recipe that you want an extra vanilla "punch". You can also use this in place of vanilla bean (1 tablespoon per bean) and you still get the flecks and flavor without the hassle! I don't even have vanilla extract in my home anymore because of this beautiful product.

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