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Welcome to Stirring is Not Cooking.  This is a website dedicated to helping everyone learn how to cook. Learn tips and tricks from our videos or book your own private one-on-one or group class with Chef Ro today!

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Chef Ro does private one-on-one and group classes for all occasions. Whether you want to learn to bake by yourself or want to get a group of friends together for a fun virtual "night out", we can customize recipes just for you!


Do you have a bunch of kitchen equipment and tools and you have no idea how to use them?  Let Chef Ro teach you in a private virtual consultation.

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Have you ever been overwhelmed by the number of brands and choices of all the tools out there? Have you ever wondered if that gadget is really worth it? Here we list some of our favorite tools (and we will tell you why). Or have you ever wondered if that spice or specific brand name of a food item was worth the price? We'll tell you like it is!

Spices in Jars

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